Welcome to EntX


16 months is all it took for Calder Stewart to deliver Christchurch's EntX, offering a new form of entertainment and dining to the central city.

The three-level, $50 million development is impressive and an overload on the senses. If you're a foodie or looking for a place to catch up with friends, I can see this being the place to do so. The 13 food outlets with an open space will bring people together and bring a new vibrancy that the city has been so thirsty for.

[gallery ids="4935,4934,4939,4938,4937,4936" type="slideshow" link="none" orderby="rand"]Georgia and I attended along with hundreds of others for a sneak peek on Thursday night to experience the calm before the storm. As you walk in you are greeted by an impressive feature of what looks to be reclaimed wood with a huge HOYTS LED display, umbrellaed by stunning lighting. You have the option straight away to grab a quick drop at Arties bar or Joes Garage or continue through to the eateries which will have foodies and Instagrammers flocking

The escalators that look like a stairway to heaven are exactly that, walking through "Treat City" to get to the theatre lounge. Hoyts offers more than 900 spacious leather recliner seats and seven screens. Two are "xtremescreens" which are a treat on the eye. We couldn't just blog about the chairs and atmosphere without sneaking in and trying them out!!! They are as good as we say, so much room, so much space to put treats and drinks and more treats and tonnes of leg room.

On the top floor, two theatres are "Lux" theatres – We are talking the full shebang here, USB and wireless chargers, a call button for service at every seat, and beer and easy-to-eat food designed by celebrity chef Manu Feildel delivered mid-movie - arghhhh what a dream!

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I can see a lot of money being spent at "Treat City" and many photos taken for the gram, given the ticketing is autonomous they still had helpful staff everywhere. The lux really has my attention as it's R18 and the options are right up our alley. If you're looking for a good night out, this is where you will be going

Its so good to see new developments popping up in the City. The parking building, bike parking and bus exchange make it more accessible than most cities to get to entertainment like this.