Vax Blade Pet Pro - Review

New to the shelves of New Zealand, we've teamed up with VAX to review the newest member of their family, the Vax Blade Pet Pro SlimVac. What's better we're giving one away, see the details at the end of this blog!
I remember as a child my grandmother had a portable lux (i'm not calling it a vacuum - I've called it a lux for 27 years haha). I was always intrigued with how convenient the concept was, having a portable lux sure did save her some time. (so she could make more baking...YUM). Fast forward 20 years and we have the Vax Blade Pet Pro, a portable lux with more vacuum power than the traditional concept we've always had a love/hate relationship with.
Vacuum Cleaner
Our villa is 98 square metres so not a huge space to get around so we thought we would invest in a stick vac that was on sale for $250. Because of the price I really wanted to love it, it was a bargain! But it really didn't cut the mustard. Having Frankie has meant that we need to lux more often, and her fine little boxer hair sticks into the carpet so is a bugger to get out.
The Vax pet pro doesn't just look sharp it really does the trick, it's designed for homes with pets so gets into every nook and cranny. It has a boost mode (I know) and an optional roller head. Up to 45 minutes of runtime covers a good week of luxing in our house and we can just plug it in to charge it up. The only thing that I've noticed is that it makes more sound than the one we currently have because of the power increase and when it's in boost mode with the head going she's rearing to go like a good greyhound at the gate.


The Blade VX63 comes with a stair tool, pet tool and cleaning wand. This makes it perfect for stairs, pet hair removal and those hard to reach areas whether up high, down low, or in-between. The motorised floor head is great for enhancing pick-up performance on the floor but also perfect to be attached directly to the handheld for stairs, car and upholstery cleaning (any pet owner can relate to this).P1220287

Where to buy?

How you can win one?

We talked Vax into giving one of our awesome followers their very own Pet Pro so you can make luxing fun (trust me it's fun with this). Head to our Instagram, follow us and tag a mate to win!