Upcycling Nesting Tables


Nesting tables, everyones grand parents had them (probably still do).  They are the table that we often think are a bit nasty because if the treatments to the wood and the fact that your nana paired them with lovely doilies and the 1970s lamp which had a really dodgy light switch.With a bit of creativity and patience you can create a piece that the shops no longer sell, Nesting tables will not date, they will always have that place in your heart and add a focal point to a room. Because of the style they will be universal with which ever paint type you choose: Minimalist Luxe - Pastels, Modern contemporary - High Gloss, Boho Chic - Flat and chalk paint.I have wanted to up cycle a set of nesting tables in this style for a while but the prices on trademe and in thrift shops in NZ are ridiculous. My friends have quite the collection of furniture from generations of falling in love with certain pieces and then storing when a new piece was introduced.  So they kindly gifted me these to put my up cycling powers to work.Originally I thought that a Pale blue with original brown would work - it didn't!  Furniture up cycling can be a challenge at the best of times because you really have to think about which colours work together and then if they will work with the style of the pieces and of course fit into your home (a great book to help with this is Your home and garden's Golden guide to redecorating).Georgia is great for pulling me back in line, often when your in your creative element you get a bit blind sided so its awesome having her to overlook my projects and I guess the same . Down to Bunnings we went to get our paint, we spotted a new type of paint by DULUX called Dura Max this paint is the business!  It dries fast and hard, has great coverage and looks amazing. The colours we ended up using are "wiggle" which is the Citron colour for the top and "endless dusk" the amazing grey for the legs.I got a bit eager and decided to tape then thought - I didnt take a before photo!  So here it is taped up ready to go.


Once taped I put new paper around the edges so the spray did't go on the legs also, I always use a grey undercoat so the colour doesn't go too bright. I gave the top 1 under coat and 2 good coats with Dulux's "wiggle". After 1 hour the paint was so hard I could flip it upside down on a sheet and mask off the tops underside edges and start with the legs - again 3 coats in Dulux's "Endless Dusk".TIP: make sure you always use a high tack painters tape, this paint can take it (peel slowly) and you will have sharp edges like the pros!

What do you think of our colour selection?  We are always looking for a new project, if you want us to try an up cycle for inspiration leave a comment!