Up cycling a stool

How to up cycle a stool
I find myself trawling TradeMe for the bargain of the week and calling into the local Eco-Store to see if they have anything of value.  Up cycling is a whole lot of fun if you have a bit of time on your hands and have a creative eye. Our weekends have turned from parties and clubbing to painting and stapling haha.
The $1.50 Stool 
I got this bad boy off TradeMe, I must admit in the right place it would have looked okay, it needed a bit of love though.  I had some left over paint and fabric from a project last week so decided to start work straight away.
  • Firstly I sanded the whole thing back with a heavy grit sand paper, finishing with a fine grit and wiping down with a damp cloth.
  • I then applied an undercoat twice, allow 15 - 20 minutes between coats and hold the can 30 Centimeters away so you don't get runs.
  • I taped off the legs with masking tape to keep the legs natural, its such an awesome trend at the moment that is worth giving a go!
  • I then applied two coats of white to the undercoat and let dry completely.
  • Once dry I took off the tape (this is the exciting part) and BAM - you have natural legs.
  • I then applied 2 layers of plastic coat spray to coat the legs and the white so cleaning is easy (not a must but I like to do it) WARNING - this darkens the wood 
  • My Girl Friend I enjoy the part to come... covering the cushion, this lets us get creative with the area we can see the piece going in. We go down to spotlight and get a meter of fabric - we use the left overs on other things much like we have done here
  • fold the edges over-nice and tight then staple down with a staple gun - my advice here is to make sure you get the corners nicely tucked in so the cushion will fit in nicely.
Annnnnnnnd we are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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