Side table make over



How to up cycle a table

The nesting table.

We have seen a few nesting tables around and have been trying to get our hands on a few for a while.  Nesting tables are something every ones grandparents/parents had so its not like they are hard to find, they just go for a good price on TradeMe!!
I found someone in Christchurch selling a few things for the home and got these and a "What-Not" that im thinking of doing similar colours (let me know if you have seen some cool ones).
These are SO easy to upcycle so I recommend you keep an eye out in your family's homes for some sitting in the garage.  I have had a few people question the formica on the top aand getting the paint to stick to it.  I used RUST-OLEUM's 2X ULTRA COVER, its a paint and primer and it bonds to plastic so its ideal for this - you can get this at your local Bunnings and it has such a quick dry and thick coat.

How To:

  1. - Clean down the table, make sure you sand if there is any damaged paint. I used a damp scour pad with detergent.
  2. - Let the table dry after cleaning.
  3. - Remove legs if you can and tape down any areas with masking tape that you dont want to paint.
  4. - Apply undercoat and let dry for 15-30 minutes 
  5. - Apply your first coat of paint and let dry, again for 15-30 minutes.. repeat until paint is no longer blotchy and let dry for an hour 
  6. - Put any legs back on and remove any masking tape
  7. - YOUR DONE! - Let us know how you got on!!!!
The most exciting thing to do is take a before and after. We like to connect with everyone that is keen on giving this a go and may need tips and anyone else just dropping by so please feel free to leave a comment, subscribe and check out our Instagram (and other blog posts).
Thanks team!