Touring our villa - Indoor plants


Indoor plants have so many benefits.  Some can cleanse the air removing toxins and making your home a tranquil retreat.  They are fantastic space fillers and some can purify whilst making the room smell fragrant.  My favourite thing about plants is they relax me- they are so therapeutic when you take the time to care for them.I get so many people asking me what's plants I have and what I can recommend for certain areas of the home.... So I'm taking you on an indoor plant tour through our villa so you can see what we have and how we care for it.Bokshelf

HERB GARDEN | Having Herbs in the Kitchen is a MUST! Here we have Sage, Thyme and Rosemary - all perfect for everyday cooking.  Having herbs in the Kitchen also make the room smell great and are super easy to care for with a water squirter. See Niq James at Headspace hair for these (he has so many on display - hence the reason I go there).Herb Garden
SUCCULENT | I once made a succulent ball out of moss and assorted succulents.  I left it at our old flat by mistake. This is the last soldier left - they are soldiers too!!  Succulents reproduce like rabbits and are the perfect plant for a low-maintenance plant owner.Succulent
Cyclamen | The most affordable plant on the planet. I purchased this for $1.50 and it's one of my favourite plants.  The flowers on a cyclamen are so quaint, they pop up for a while then cut themselves off.  I have this one in the kitchen window to the left of the sink.Cyclamen
EXOTIC PLANT | well so the label said haha.  This is above our little dining table and gets the morning sun.  If I keep its water up to date it produces huge leaves that look magnificent when you are walking towards the kitchen.P1140754
BABY'S TEARS TERRARIUM | Another beauty from Niq James at Headspace.  Baby's tears can grow in swamps so of course, I'm putting it in the bathroom! Terrariums are great to add an ornamental aspect to a plant. The sharp lines of this one go well with the subway.Terrarium in bathroom 
BROADLEAF | We kept killing our plants in our last lounge because of the heat pump.  So I did some research and people were raving about plants that are traditionally trees being hardier than their fancy friends. We sat it in a Karen Walker Home mug and it has remained there ever since!Ornaments
ARROW HEAD | These bad boys have huge potential to do great things.  I keep this one trimmed back, however, let them do what they want and they turn into a vine! A very low maintenance plant too which is always a plus!Marble pot
GRAPE IVY | The hanging plant is a Grape Ivy. This thing is out of control!!!  It's like an uncontrollable child haha. I just love how fast it grows so you can soon have a real feature piece.  Give it a trim and it bounces right back!Lounge
TERRARIUM | Another Niq James special.  We absolutely LOVE this one. It's like a little community of activity with 3 different plants growing in there. You see guests stand there captivated by it haha. So easy to water as well.  Keep it nice and moist and the plants love it!Terrarium
FIDDLE LEAF FIG | The "now" plant to have. If you look on Instagram everyone that blogs about their home have one, so of course we had to have one.  Super hard plants to track down (we actually found this at the warehouse and people were scragging each other to get them).  We have ours sitting in a seagrass basket and it looks SO COOL!  Fiddle leaf fig
SUCCULENT | As I said earlier, these plants are hardy!  This one gets watered every 2 months!! It was originally standing up and then one day it fell over so we just left it like that and it's been growing great ever since!  This one has great colour and is a cool feature plant on our sideboard.Succulent
STRING OF PEARLS | Another very "now" plant. Minimal watering and these will grow forever!  tHis is about 3 months growth from nothing!  You can also transplant them really easy and they will re-root. We have this one hanging in our guest bedroom.Scandinavian wall hanger
MAIDENHAIR FERN | Laundries don't have to be boring so we hung our Maidenhair Fern by a concrete macrame wall hanger. The lush growth is so nice when you are doing your washing or walking out to the back deck.  It's something so simple that adds a really nice touch!Laundry plantIf you want to know where any of these plants are from - just comment below!