The Villas first alteration

We plan on going through our home with a fine tooth comb and updating everything so it is perfect and to a professional standard. Our house has been DIYed by previous owners to make a "quick buck" so while it looks great there are many things we have on our to-do list.We spend a lot of time in the Kitchen. Whether it be entertaining, cooking or baking it's very much "the heart of the home" so it was only fitting that this is the first place we invested some money touching up.The splashback for our kitchen was a piece of peg board hardboard like the mechanics use for their shadow boards!?? We knew it had to be replaced for safety reasons (and it was just weird). We wanted it done well so decided we wouldn't DIY and we would get the professionals in.When I ripped off the board I knew I was going to uncover something due to the slap-happy nature of the DIY - surprise, there was a hole! After I patched it up and patched up the damaged plaster and paint it was good to go.  We decided to go to Giovanni Tiles, they offer genuine advice and their range is super impressive.  We decided that we would go with the classic white subway and a black grout.  The reason we went with the white is because our kitchen is quite narrow, we originally wanted a black hex but that would have boxed the kitchen up and also you could argue that the hex is a fad (subway are timeless).The tiler at Kustom Tiling mentioned that we should go with a charcoal grout as Black oxidises, ensuring that we make a good job we were more than happy to go with his suggestion. Kustom Tiling in Christchurch was fantastic, great communication and turned our job around in 4 days from contact for us to ensure it was completed for a photo shoot we've just done!We knew it was going to look good but we didn't think tiles could have that much effect on making a space feel larger.
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