The KMART trend


Kmart has always been known as the place where you can get socks for $3.00..Things have changed.  Australia and New Zealand has gone CRAZY!  They have really lifted their home decor game and came into their own with it.  They have similar things to the likes of bed bath and beyond, Living and Giving, Farmers - the list goes on!  Now there is a secret underbelly of #kmartaddicts spreading their webs across the internet.This is how bad it is, I work at a creative Agency - I mention Kmart and I see people necks jerk, their ears prick and a quick slide glance to get in on the conversation.  It always end up in a session of "I have your back"  if someone sees things such as a Geo candle holder, a white shelf ladder or a leather round mirror they get it and they get their friend one too.  I was on the hunt for the White Shelf Ladder, I couldn't find one anywhere...... there may have been 2 daily trips to both Kmarts in Christchurch just in case, then one day I spotted it from the entrance I literally ran!  I was so chuffed I couldn't stop smiling hahahaha I knew it would be an "asset" to our home.So back to the underbelly, its actually become more of a monster formed with instagrammers, so who are they ....Starting with the largest following we have the official page of Kmart Australia page@KMARTAUS 85.1K FollowersThen followed by the Mac Daddy that shares fan posts and inspiration@the_kmart_forecast 76.3K FollowersA few of my favourites....@i_heart_kmart@kmartaus_inspire@kmart_love_aus@thekmartdiariesThere have been hashtags created that have up to 214K tags on them, I tell you its insane! My favourite is #kmarthack, this is where you take something from Kmart and put your spin on it eg: pain the legs of a stool yellow, paint your wire basket copper, put feathers on a child's wild animal coat hooks.  I had a friend say to me "Shayden do you know what I some times do, I even walk through the kids section just in case there is something good there" hahahaha oh im still laughing.So now the sharing of the images - check out their instagrams!The KMART trendThe KMART trend46872-1The KMART trend



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