Thank you ECO - Store

We often assume that our furniture has a used by date, we discard things because they are old and worn out.  Whos not to say that these things can be rejuvinated?I was cruising past the Eco Store thinking GOD I never find anything there, but my girlfriend wanted to start Up Cycling things as a hobbie and hadnt really kicked it off as of yet - so I swung a left and went on in, this time the car park was packed it was like feeding time at the zoo so I thought hmmmm there bust be some gems in there today because the majority of people were walking out with things.I was walking past the chairs and found the perfect one FOR $5.00!!!! As I was walking to pay for it I found an identical one so was a happy man - one for her and one for me.So this is where our project begins.....The Before...

First thing we did was choose the fabric, we thought the chairs would look awesome in a girls room at a desk or makeup table - or will brighten up any room! So we ripped off the horrible old coverings and replaced with the new...
Painting the chair was easy, we decided to just do parts of the chair and chose blue to match the fabric. We sanded it back and taped it off with masking tape and bags.
Taking the tape off is so exciting, its like an unveiling haha, then we put the cushion back in and we had our new chairs!
The after.....
ac4ff-wooden2bchairs2bfabric2b2b252812bof2b12529Thank you ECO - Store

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