A new life for a side board

They don't make furniture like they used to. I think we have all purchased a bargain buy at Kmart or the warehouse, spent a few hours putting it together then soon realised there is a reason it is so cheap.When I won this piece on TradeMe the lady told me that she was going to take it to the dump because it was rubbish, well I bloody showed her haha! 
When I got this sideboard home it was obvious that it was a solid piece and in pretty good shape. I sanded it back and was confused as to what I could do to make this beauty look any good, the side panels were a different wood to the drawers which made it look terrible and it had a horrible veneer stripping on all the edges, it honestly looked like one of nanas patchwork quilts..... to my paint box I went!!I noticed I had two cans of Dulux Duramax Tranquil Retreat and this would cover this piece easily! The top had a really nice woodgrain and the drawers matched so I decided to keep them natural as well as the backboard.Once the shell was dry I went down to Mitre10 to get some fine grit disks for my sander to finish the wood, I was walking past the rope section and had a thought that a white rope handle would match the paint and wood perfectly, so I took some of that too!Upcycled side board - moochstyleWhat was once destined for the tip is now a piece that I don't want to part with, unfortunately we have our quota of up-cycles so this will be off to a loving family haha.We are loving getting creative with furniture.  New Zealand needs more up-cycled furniture in our homes,  We can't wait to own our own home one day and fill it with our up-cycles (fingers crossed that's this year)Side Board styled in loungeRope handles for drawersBlonde wood furnitureUp cycled side board  Keep up to date by following us on Instagram and Facebook