Russells Curtains & Blinds - The Consultation

Our villa has undergone a full renovation this year with a mix of DIY and professional services. We decided from the start that it was important to wait until we had the cash flow for window treatments, so we've stuck it out with pelmets that don't match the style of the house and curtains that let more light in than they block out and no thermal lining.We've used a local curtain company for our front window in the lounge and are very impressed with their thermal qualities and we've even noticed they absorb some sound, so it was a no-brainer to go with Russells again for the rest of our house. What makes Russells Curtains and Blinds unique and so attractive to us is that they have style consultants in every region of New Zealand that come to tour home with their skill, area knowledge and thousands of fabrics to match to your aesthetic, function and style.

Every room was a different challenge, a different colour, and a different purpose. In our opinion, there's no way a shelf holding readymades can understand and communicate the need for different fabrics, linings, gather and quality with you. We asked Nicky where the price in custom curtains is, she explained the process that the fabric houses they use such as James Dunlop, Charles Parsons and Maurice Kain have in place is like quality control for the finest lines of clothing. It doesn't stop there, every metre, every stitch, and every pleat is carefully crafted and examined by Russells here in New Zealand for New Zealand homes. Then, their installers install so it's end to end but the process really starts well before you've made the call to get Russells In for a free consultation. are beyond excited to see how these curtains answer the function of our home and complete the look we've been working so hard to achieve. Keep an eye on our Instagram and blog for updates for our #moochXRussells curtains and blind journey, this is a collaboration with Russells, you all know we love them so of course, all words are our own. Feel free to leave a comment if there's anything you want us to cover.