Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn


I spend alot of time online: my job's online I keep in touch with my family online and I come home and Mooch Style is online.

I find that I spend so much time looking at what other bloggers and people are doing with their houses that I have let my house game slip. The biggest trend that stands out to me this autumn is linen. Linen throws, linen pillowcases, and linen duvets - the more you can fit onto your bed the comfier those weekends at home missing summer is going to be. Georgia and I often have debates in stores about colour schemes, I like slate tones like grey and black and she is more on the earthy, neutral train.  I can see here that a bit of planning is needed because as we all know these things are not cheap! I started the journey today with 2 black worn look linen euro pillows (so i'm going to get my way haha).

Plan your autumn bedroom with me

Planning your bedroom before going in blind and waving around the credit card like a lightsaber is going to save a whole lot of money, time and relationships. I'll take you through my inspiration board for our bedroom, I have expensive taste but will of course wait for a sale or two.

Bedroom Inspiration

I like to have a look at what other people are doing and where they shop of course, saving a few pictures to a folder on your desktop or folder on your phone is always a smart move so you know what works and where.
Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn
Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn

The Bed

There are so many variations of colours: Blue Greys, Purple Greys, Brown greys - so you need to nail this colour pallet! My advice would be to whip down to your local Bunnings or Mitre10 MEGA and get some Dulux colour swatches that compliment each other, with these you can take them into the store with you when choosing your bedding to make sure they work.
4 pillows minimum, 2 to match the duvet and 2 to match the sheets. European pillows are also great for adding a heap of volume to your bed. Citta design is AMAZING for all things bedroom, you will get lost in their stores dreaming of winning lotto and taking the store off their hands.
Once you have the duvet selected wether it be waffle or linen - you then choose the euro pillows, I like to contrast but some people like to match the duvet to the pillows.A throw will tie the whole combo together, a big trend at the moment is woollen loose stitch or a loose weave linen in a contrasting colour.I want to go with a grey linen duvet, white sheets, 2 white pillows, 2 grey pillows and 2 black stone wash euro pillows finished with a dark green woollen OR a black stone washed linen throw.Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnThe furniture
Furniture is very personal, we all like different pieces and for different reasons, I recommend before spending hundreds you have a look through the up-cycle feed on pinterest or on our blog for our bedroom up-cycles, old cane furniture or mid century is easily given a new look and the best part is, is that no one will have the same piece.If you want to go modern I recommend taking a look at Freedom furniture, their furniture is affordable and a step above the likes of the warehouse and Kmart.Bedside tables can be made from anything: old suitcases, pallets, chairs, ladders - I could be here all day.Our room is quite large but has minimal storage so we have up-cycled Georgias old brown scotch chest white to suit our vibe and picked up a really sturdy metal clothes hanger for my shirts, belts and shoes from Kmart which is perfect because I work in an office so have ALOT of shirts.Georgia up-cycled an old Queen Anne drawer to be a shelf and put it under a round leather mirror from Kmart (so good) and beside this we have an up-cycled white ladder which we have magazines and throws hanging off - this is really wall to add some life to your space. Again keep in mind your colour scheme, we are staying consistent with White, Grey and BlackArtwork and accessoriesI have a huge fan of Society 6 and Paper Plane Store for artwork, I have a friend that have Black Listed Denmark - it's incredible (right) and I have The Mound II by Reuben Ireland (left).Often people forget about prints and photography but I think it is one of the most important features about a bedroom, it sets the scene and provides atmosphere.  You can see here that you can have small prints positioned aesthetically on your side tables or you can have multiple sizes in no order at all (my favourite).I plan on taking a trip to australia and hope to find some really cool pieces in Melbourne for my walls (let me know if you recommend anywhere!)All rooms should have plants!  There is a very fine line between classic linen and boho, either way I don't think you can over do plants and I don't think there is any rules for how you display them and what type you get.  I have a fern the drapes over a copper geo holder (love it) I wish I had more but want to sort out my rooms style before I get more.Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnRe-decorating your bedroom for autumn Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn 
Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnBelow are a few items that I have spotted during my travels and links to some really cool websites for inspo:
If you have a room on the go please get in touch!  I would love to hear your take on a seasonal room spruce up.


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