Our first Melbourne experience

As we are sitting in our lounge in a 2 bedroom flat in Christchurch we see Jetstar have a sale for return flights for 2 to Melbourne over New Zealand's Labour weekend... for $580.00!!!!!!! So of course we jumped on them.We had heard such amazing things about Melbourne from friends and had major FOMO every time an instagrammer grammed a cafe or store. Little did we know that so much would happen before we went; we got engaged, threw an engagement party, booking wedding vendors in advance, we found out some pretty rough news about a few things close to home, going through the process of buying our first home and everyday challenges that come with work and being a "grown up".... this holiday we thought had come at a really horrible time!Holidaying in another country completely unprepared was the best thing we've ever done. You really don't know how much you need a holiday until you're away from your life and just enjoying the time you have with each other (it's been amazing, such a head refresh).

Welcome to Melbourne

We had a few things that soon became our holiday companions, treat this as a pre-warner and don't read past it because it will be bloody handy


  • MYKI, a prepaid keycard that accesses all the trams and trains around the city.
  • Skybus, the most cost effective form of transport to and from the airport. Get a return pass when you land.
  • Apple maps, type in your destination and it will tell you which tram to jump on, which stop and when it's coming BLOODY MAGIC.
  • Versatile clothing, the weather here is so indecisive you can have 4 seasons in one day.
  • Nikes, they have the comfiest soles - you will walk ALOT because the shopping precincts are effing HUGE
  • Spending money, the shopping in Melbourne is INSANE so take a lot because it will soon dry up
  • You can't split bills - so take cash!

The food scene

We had such a great time in Melbourne, if you ever end up going to any of these locations please tag @moochstyle or @shaydennz in the posts - we would love to hear your thoughts!