Nursery Wardrobe

My sister is just 3 weeks from having our nephew, while she has been off work she has been keeping her self busy researching all things for a baby boys nursery. Ash has great style and has always had her home well kept so having a new area in the home to throw her creative genius at.Ash has recently upcycled an old wardrobe for her nursery and we think it has turned out great! So I asked her to send through some progress photos and write a blog post - she nailed it!

My Little Boys Nursery Wardrobe

This gem was left in our newly purchased home and just so happened to be perfect for the nursery and was the final finishing touch that really tied the room together. This was my first up cycle I have done and it was suprinsly easier than thought but still a process none the less. If I had stuck to basics and just went with the plain white without the feature of the chalk panel it could have been completed in a day easily, although I decided to get artsy and the final product was well worth it! I started off with a light sanding all over, once happy with that I used Zinsser interior & spot exterior primer-sealer stain blocker which I was told by a worker at mitre 10 can generally go straight on to any wood even if it had be varnished but to give it a light sand for best results.. WELL I wish I had sanded it more as there was one panel that had some varnish still peak through and crack the paint but luckily by the last coat of paint it was barely noticeable.
After a good coat with the primer which had already dried after 15minutes I did its first coat with Resene semi-gloss waterborne enamel 1 litre in white (I chose the semi gloss for personal preference, it can also come in a high gloss). Another coat was applied allowing at two hours between coats.Now for the fun part!! I purchased 500ml of Hudson chalkboard paint in black this required two coats, each drying almost instantly. I left it two hours to be safe then proceed with my chosen quote design by using a chalk marker purchased from spotlight. This was the niggly part as the lines weren't sharp and needed a lot of touching up with a wet cloth as water is the only way to remove the marker, all in all this was the longest process of the whole upcycle!! The finished product was exactly how I envisioned with the whole thing costing under $100!You can find Ashlees instagram here: