Locations over the summer

2016 was a challenging year for us to say the least.  We had some really great things happen like the engagement and buying our first home, but then some really curve ball things that took us by surprise. The Summer holidays this year were exactly what we needed to hit refresh.In New Zealand we holiday in the Summer generally from just before Christmas till a week or so after New Years. Shaydens family religiously holiday at Glendhu bay Wanaka, a beautiful bay nestled among the roots of Mt Aspiring and Roy, so many fond memories have come from there. Back here in Chritchurch we decided to have Christmas at our place. There were Christmas crackers, beautiful cuts of meat, duck fat roasted potatoes and deserts to die for... Georgias family really know how to step up when it comes to entertaining.The whanauFollowing Christmas we HAD to catch up with friends, we have the best friends and it had been far too long with the trip to Melbourne and buying our home, December packed with birthdays and events it had been a while since we all got together. Out came all the left overs and deserts on boxing day it was so great knowing that they were helping our waist lines as well as helping us relax haha.On the 30th we were en route to Wanaka with our friends Myles and Nadia (camping without family this year). We had an amazing time together, copious amounts of alcohol, laughter and banter, it was exactly what a holiday is for! The weather wasn't full sunshine like most years but it was warm and the rain stayed away so thats all that matters. We decided we would give Roys Peak our best effort and boy was it a stunner, if you are ever in Wanaka we highly recommend it if you have 3-5 hours spare and a good camera. Just be prepared to wait 15 minutes at the top for a pic - there is literally a line haha.Wanaka is a stunning town and a great alternative to Queenstown if you are are like us and prefer to lounge at the lake and have beers at the camp. Two of our favourite eateries are also in Wanaka, Urban Grind and Federal Diner are worth the trip alone haha.
When we finally got home 1720km later we literally crashed haha. having 3 days at home was a great opportunity to take a look at the house now that we are all relaxed and appreciate it.... but we were noticing things like the gardens had big spaces and where Shayden pruned a tree the past owners didn't paint the fence behind it haha - so It gave Shayden something to do for the next three days.2017 is looking great already.  It will be dedicated to getting fit and shredding for the wedding. We are also looking forward to whatever opportunities come for Mooch Style!p1140405Shayden and Georgia