Going Green with Koala Mattresses

We've all seen the videos online of the mattresses where people are jumping on them with a cheeky glass of red and the wine doesn't move at all.  Georgia and I had the opportunity to order a new mattress for our guest bedroom and Koala made sense for so many reasons. It's becoming more and more important to us that we do our part in terms of sustainability, Koala ticks all the boxes for us, adopting a Koala with Australian purchases and a Kiwi in New Zealand and planting over 5000 trees.  They also have almost no carbon footprint through the manufacturing process and are made using sustainably sourced Australian materialsP1220529When ordering anything for our home we are always tempted to go in-store and buy off the shelf because you can wait up to 3 months for some things to get to you, not with Koala.  We ordered on a Sunday, with Monday being public Holiday, it was on our doorstep on Tuesday morning!!We had our doubts about the comfort of a mattress that comes rolled up in a box.  As soon as it started unrolling Frankie jumped up and started rolling on it! She's a sucker for comfort and has slept on it all afternoon. I've read amazing things online about how it has repaired peoples backs and necks and from laying on it this afternoon I can see how.  It's firm, but a different type of firmness, it's closer to a memory foam firm (although containing 0% memory foam)  than a solid metal spring firm - which is what makes it so comfortable and with zero partner disturbance when getting in or out of it.P1220577From a single to a super king, the prices in NZ range from $850 - $1400 so extremely affordable compared to the inner sprung versions we are used to seeing. If you're not a fan, Koala give you 120 days to return for a full refund!Our view on these mattresses is that they are great buying for what you get! We also appreciate the extra steps that they take to minimise their carbon footprint and give back to nature by planting trees with profits and adopting our country icon!We grabbed you all a bargain! Get 15% off a mattress with my unique discount code MOOCHSTYLE15 when you spend more than $1000 hereNB: This is a collaboration with Koala, all words are our ownSee the full unboxing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuf7og9nK_s