Kmart goes online!!

Kiwi home stylers dreams have come true. Gone are the days of pushing poor Margaret Johnston down in Isle 2 as you make a new land speed record to get your hands on the latest marble cross that is going to look perfect beside your marble coasters and your marble vase and your marble chopping board.Kmart is now promising to open an online store here in Aotearoa - New ZealandSome god send from Christchurch even has a petition on, demanding our much loved Kmart go online as well as stores  The petition has gathered more than 3800 signatures so far, if I was Kmart I would give them all a white ladder shelf  and  a   copper geo candle holder for their efforts.Kmart has made home styling easy without using the credit card, it has given stay at home mums a voice on Instagram and husbands some me time as their wives create a walking group through the store at 10pm to get first dibs on the new releasesIf you are not on the Kmart buzz you're going to be!If you don't follow @moochstyle on insta you should - we are all about KMART. Here are a few of our KMART inspired shots featured in the home of Mooch Style.