How we restored a bookshelf


Displaying a group of objects in a home adds an area of interest where people naturally gravitate towards. In our lounge, we have applied the rule of thirds to our main wall.The rule of thirds in design basically means that objects are visually more appealing in odd numbers.  We've applied this by having three stacked vintage suitcases to the left, our TV and sideboard in the middle and our newly upcycled shelving to the right.

The restored Bookshelf

We like to be bold with our furniture so we make sure it all aligns to a cohesive style that exists throughout our home. Our latest find was a home made Rimu bookshelf from a lovely couple that I would guess made it many years ago. I'm always glad when I pick up furniture because It's a bit like a classic car where you know someone really enjoyed it back in the day and with a bit of TLC - it can be enjoyed for years to come. [gallery ids="2417,2422" columns="2" size="full"]Usually, with furniture, I have found it on TradeMe after putting hundreds of items on my watch list and making a last minute bid.  This was a different story, I knew what I wanted and I've spent months looking for it, so when I found it I flicked them a message and asked for a buy now!Keeping the piece in-line with our recently upcycled sideboard with Loftmotif hairpin legs, I sanded it back with 80 grit and then 120 grit disks and painted it with black fence stain.  Now why I use fence stain for these pieces is because it dries fast and I like the streaky look so they are not "Jet black". When the bookshelf was dry, I applied a coat of Newtons beeswax. If you've read our blog recently -you'll know I love this product!! After an hour I buff it off with a microfibre cloth and prepped the wall.  Using wall plugs for GIB I made a template that aligned with the holes and marked it up level on the wall.After a few minutes, it was easily installed and really secure because of the wall plugs I used. [gallery ids="2421,2420,2419" columns="1" size="full"]Then for the fun part - styling!! We already had all the ornaments and plants from a KMART ladder shelf that was there before, but of course had to buy a new plant for the occasion... a drooping one too!! [gallery ids="2426,2425" columns="1" size="full"]We love our lounge, even more, it all works so well together and surprisingly we have a huge amount of floor space now!

  • Shelves $20.00
  • Wall plugs and screws $6.00
  • Plant $23.00