How we asked our wedding party

Following the engagement there has been so much to organise to ensure our big day is just what we want. The most important part for us is who we have standing up there with us as our wedding party on the day.We could have just asked them if they wanted to be our bridesmaids/groomsmen however really wanted to make the process special for them too. We both have a great group of friends and once we finally decided on who to ask we got planning gifts for them.The gifts weren't anything major but something just to say thanks and to put the cherry on the icing when we ask them.

Georgias Bridesmaids gifts

Our wedding colours are Blush and Blue so we wanted to incorporate this into our gifts somehow, the first item we were on the hunt for was the box.  We looked everywhere for something that isn't the size of a fridge box and came across the perfect boxes in a shop we never thought of.  While we were looking for cards in Kiki K we spotted a box on special - they had 4 left and were all blush!!! To top it off we also found 4 "I pick you" cards in blush here too!Bridesmaid giftsThen we were on the hunt for the filler.. and managed to find some beautiful white thread type filling in the same $2.00 shop after looking in stores like spotlight and Kmart. We have some pretty good supermarkets that stock a great range of wines here in Christchurch, so the rosé was an easy find.Bridesmaid giftsWhile thinking of what else we could fill it with we found Mor Lip balms at Redcurrent and had to have them, they looked like little macarons, so we brought macarons from J'aime les macarons as a wee treat on the day!

How I asked...I had coffees and catchups with each bridesmaid individually, it was so special.The girls just loved the boxes and we are so happy with how they turned out. (see product details here).


Shaydens Groomsmen gifts

We had found a few ideas on pinterest and one of them was a military type tin, it was by fluke that Kmart had just released new military type tins that were ideal.Groomsman giftsWhen hunting for the filler material we wanted a wood chip material and came across some in the same $2.00 shop that we got the bridesmaid filler from. The wood chip added such a masculine vibe to the boxes it was ideal!The contents here were easy, some classy socks from Country Road, a bottle of whisky and some good old home grown chocolate from OCHO.Groomsman giftsThe cards we wanted to go with the vibe of the tin so brought natural card stock from Spotlight and personalised them to each groomsman/best man.Shaydens into adding a personalised touch so using Canva we designed personalised printables for the inside and glued them in.

How I asked...I got all the boys together for brunch close to home for a catch up and asked them all there.  They were all chuffed and thinking suits already!

Groomsman giftsYou can buy the products mentioned here:BridesmaidsWineMacaronMor lip balmBox and cardGroomsmanWhiskeySocksChocolateCardsTinsCanva inserts