How to achieve balayage drawers


I find my self pinning all these stunning shots on my pinterest account of other peoples up-cycled furniture.  One thing that has caught my eye multiple times is a balayage effect on the individual drawers, balayage is a gradual lightning effect (it may be a hair definition but we will use it here haha). I had just got my latest order from Voodoo Molly Vintage and was eager to open the cans and start throwing some paint around - im not kidding im a messy painter!!

6 steps to achieving the balayage look on drawers

  1. Getting started I lightly sanded down the furniture with a medium grit sand paper, if you don't know what grit is what - just ask the team at your local hardware store, they are so helpful. Once this is completed and the finish is slightly roughed up you can then wipe down with a micro fibre cloth to remove all dust (I also use an old paint brush to wipe the cracks and grooves).
  2. I had 3 colours I needed to achieve so I separated the paint into 3 jars adding my VDMV Charcoal to each one making sure I had them at 3 different levels as I went.
  3. I then added white to each to bring them to the same level - mixing the darkest colour first so I can lighten from there.
  4. I then painted the drawers with 3 coats using 1 jar per 1 drawer allowing 1 hour drying time between coats.
  5. While the drawers dry this is a good opportunity to paint the shell of the drawers as you can rotate between coats - again 3 coats will be fine.
  6. Let them dry over night just to be 100% confident that the paint has worked its magic and hardened.

you are not a confident painter I recommend using the Voodoo Molly Vintage range, its coverage is like no other and is SO easy to paint.  The end product is always a stunning finish that you will be proud of.

Best indoor plants to use So what can we match with these drawers?  I would use these in a larger bedroom so you can see the stunning finish and appreciate the balayage effect with the paint. A Senecio Rowleyanus (string of pearls) plant would be perfect to drape over the side in a marble or terracotta pot (Kmart is your go to here). And then a nice tray or container for your makeup/haircare to finish it off.We have had such great feedback from this project, give it a go and tell us how you get on, the balayage repainted drawers are a surprisingly easy way of up-cycling a really cool old piece of furniture and making it look better than a new piece because it has character and is styled specific to your home.
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