"His and Hers" Christmas wish list - for the home

With Christmas and the summer break just around the corner, we were inspired to share a "his" and "hers" Christmas wish list.... for the home!We already have a few of the items on our "wish list" but thought they are totally worth sharing because we LOVE everything we have bought for our home.It was surprising as we put our lists together that our styles blended. It's not very often you put together a "wish list" but it totally makes sense so you can work toward ticking things off as you go and not spend money on random things throughout the year.

Georgias "must haves"

Monochrome and edgy colours are my ideal vision for our home. There are so many great homeware stores out there - have a look and you'll be amazed what you find.
We would love to know what is on your wish list!Shayden and Georgia