Creating a guest bedroom retreat


Having guests in your home should make you proud, we work hard to get into our homes and even harder to afford to dress them. Having a guest in your house allows others to enjoy your home as you do (we get super house proud).While we may make a great job of decorating our homes, the guest bedroom is often overlooked. A guest bedroom should be a retreat, somewhere they can put their feet up and relax over their stay.Our Villa was appealing to us for so many reasons, one of them being the size of the three bedrooms. We took the largest, turned the road facing one into our project room and the last would be our guest bedroom.

Guest bedroom decor

Our tip to everyone when decorating a guest bedroom is to have something that is cohesive with the rest of the house and create a room that is just as dressed as a master bedroom (because it should be just that). To start I jumped on Pinterest, created a "GUEST" board and started pinning for inspiration.  What I like about Pinterest is that it allows you to click on something you like and then scroll down to see similar.Link to my board here[gallery ids="2112,2113,2118" columns="1" link="file" size="full"]

Start with the bedding

We really liked the theme of a light blue linen because of the white walls, and it also works in well with the greys and blacks throughout the house. We also liked tieing it in with wood rather than white or black bedside tables. When Harvey Norman NZ released the Nimes Soft Blue Duvet Cover Set by Savona we knew we had a winner!! A natural 100% linen that requires little effort and easy to mix and match with other accessories.  What's best is it's pre-washed for added softness and will become even softer and luminous the more it's washed. Keep reading to see how we are giving you an opportunity to get a bargain on one yourself!We also have the euro pillows in the same range which is the best way to add some volume to a bed![gallery ids="2119,2115,2130" columns="1" link="file" size="full"]

Time to accessorise

Side Tables - As mentioned we wanted wooden side tables. We didn't want to remortgage the house to be able to afford them so went along to our trusty friend KMART and bought two natural Scandi style side tables and damn they look good!!!Lamps - Our lamps also are from KMART, we had these already but from memory were $20.00 each.Print- The large print is from Ballantynes, I think it was supposed to be wrapping paper but it looks so cool as a poster haha (always keep that in mind), of course in a large poster frame $20.00 from KMART.Wall Hangings - The triangle with the string of pearls plant also from KMART is super cool and adds to the Scandi natural vibe - always good to have greenery in your room too.  The Macrame wall hanger was on sale for $15.00 from Bed bath and beyond, it was actually different to the one that we thought we were getting but was so cheap we just kept it.Jar and Bottle - The oversized Jar is from Acquisitions, we've had that for years and finally found a home for it haha. The Black bottle was $4.00 from Kmart.Brown knitted throw - We also had this already but think it was around $30.00 from KMART We are super happy with how our guest bedroom now looks and we know our guests are going to feel at home when they stay. Think about it next time you walk past your guest bedroom "does this feel good??".

As we mentioned, our friends at Harvey Norman NZ have hooked our followers up with 30% off ALL their duvets*..... I KNOW.  So head over to their website and use the code DREAM to get 30% off at checkout.*(Percentages off normal ticket prices, excludes already discounted products- Valid until 06/04/2017)

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