Dresser with a twist

Putting the drawers back in and handles on after you have cleaned them is so satisfying but you really have to let the paint harden before you do. As mentioned I use Dulux Duramax it hardens fast so I just went out for the arvo before I did this. 
I chose a black flat chain after completely confusing the guy at mitre10 with what I wanted it for haha.I never realised how fun oak is to style either, it has a really unique woodgrain and the colour is so nice.1 (1 of 1)13 (1 of 1)11 (1 of 1)6 (1 of 1)Photo 30-03-16, 6 53 30 AM (1)To keep up to date with our projects you can follow us on the below:Instagram @moochstyle Facebook @moochstyleBookmark this blog to inspire your next project by fragging the URL into your bookmark bar!