Creating a basket wall


Basket walls are covering our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. People are becoming more and more in touch with natural tones and sustainable living, so hanging baskets that may be vintage or used in another country for function are fast becoming aesthetic.We've recently updated our guest bedroom as part of our whole-house renovation.  The walls are a smooth grey tone and we've chosen to style the room in a boho/desert vibe to add a sense of calm for our guests (and because it's bloody cool). Having a 3m high ceiling stud meant that although we've styled the room with a lot on the ground, on the walls - it still felt sparse. Adding a cluster of baskets to the walls looked to be a fun project and bring a new element to our home.We've covered the install of the baskets on YouTube but keep reading to see the end result and a few pointers. 

Hanging wall basketsKnowing how many baskets to choose.

We have a bit of room to play with, both horizontally and vertically. So we decided that we will just go shopping and see what we can find. We ended up with six large size baskets (over 30cm wide).Where to find the basketsSo this we thought would be the easy part - nope!We went to thrift stores expecting to bag a bargain and found nothing, we also went to a few of the likely suspects like KMART and The Warehouse and again nothing. So we had to think outside the square. We looked in the placemats section and managed to find a really cool chunky weave back at KMART and then at Freedom Furniture found two placemats that were perfect again! We also spotted the best find of them all at H&M Home, a large natural tone basket with a slight bend in the sides!  Farmers have recently upped their game and we got the striped one from thereThen on a recent trip to Junk & Disorderly (our fav shop for all things retro), we found another beauty to complete the set!

How to choose your layout

We placed them on the floor first to visualise how the set will look together and the rough design we wanted. We realised that we shouldn't over think this part because they looked awesome as a complete set however we structured it. So we started in the middle of the wall and worked our way out from there. It's important to note that you shouldn't think too hard about the design and being symmetrical, things like this work best when it's natural.

Final step - how to fit them on the wall

We used small command hooks (the ones with the tape that you can pull off without removing paint). They were $6.99 for a pack of 6 from Briscoes and had a "strong hold" - Ideal.We were told you could easily sew a little loop on the back of them by hand, or use cable ties. But we figured that it was all weaved so just used a part of the weave and it worked great! The only thing we were anal about was ensuring they all had a uniform gap between 1 of the baskets it bordered. This just means that it's easy on the eye and spacing works so much better.It's super cost effective and a fun project for a weekend to give you those desert vibes like the houses you see on Pinterest! Check out the pics on our Instagram of the grey room HERE.Hanging wall baskets