I have a good collection of Voodoo Molly Vintage paints and have been itching to use something from their amazing colour range on one of our projects. I spotted a mid century style side board online and thought "could this be my opportunity" I won the auction and went to collect our new sideboard, with a huge smile on my face the poor guy that took my money was probably thinking - what is this mad couple going to do with this side board?!!Photo 1-05-16, 12 39 50 PM10 (1 of 1)I'll admit I get so excited when I pick up new pieces because they are generally beaten up old wrecks that are about to get a serious facelift and live to see another generation rather than a garage door and the odd bike. Photo 1-05-16, 7 57 54 PMPutting the side board up on my up-cycle table I was staring at it thinking what do I do with you, I had my Voodoo Molly Vintage paint swatch out trying to decide if I do some patterns or a few colours.  Then I realised that I had Cherry Bomb! Cherry Bomb is a stunning rich burgundy colour that I knew word tie in so well with the old wood and gold fittings.So Cherry Bomb it was!  I sanded the veneer first so it had something to key in to and then gave it 3 coats with an hour in-between coats. Waiting a day I then gave it a wax coat which protects it from any knocks.14 (1 of 1)16 (1 of 1)17 (1 of 1)19 (1 of 1)This piece has had some really good feedback on social media so it just goes to show that sometimes simple solid colour is sometimes more effective that going crazy with the geo patterns and lines.What I really liked about this piece was the handles, handles can sometimes be really horrible but when you buy pieces that are older than you are they generally were made with quality front of mind.20 (1 of 1)9 (1 of 1)What are your thoughts? Would love to know what you think of the red!Check us out on social media: Instagram, Facebook