A night out in Ponsonby

When in Ponsonby, you either shop, eat or drink. Home of New Zealand's finest boutiques and restaurants we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  After a full day of browsing designer boutiques, I went bar hopping with the well-traveled Vanessa Ortynsky.There are so many bars you can choose in Ponsonby but three of them had a distinct vibe about them that we wanted to check out. Mea Culpa, Fhloston Paradise, and Revelry. The three of them also turned out making sense in terms transitioning through the evening.

Mea Culpa

Finishing at Revelry we got there earlier on so familiarised ourselves with the bar. It was obvious that the quirky decorated bar would fill up as the night progressed so we sat at the bar and got to know the staff's talents. There was a familiarity between all three bars and that was the exceptional service from the staff, the sense of a family unit and damn they could make a drink!  We had the most amazing shots (the banana my fav). Your cocktail and drinks options available here are endless as their collection is HUGE. After the assortment of drinks I had had I ended up with a glass of Little Creatures Pilsner - turned around and the place was packed.These bars are a must for drinking in Ponsonby!